Looking down the streets of Alexander from the mountain top of rubble at the dump site next to London Avenue, I see everything a man wants to see and everything a man doesn’t want to see.
Like streams from an aquifer the streets are flooded with sewer waste that escapes the old dilapidated system. The waste breaks free right into resident’s pathways and streets. I see a toddler crawling right past that filth, he yearns for his mother who has a stall just a inch away from one of the many taverns and makeshift pubs designed to keep my people docile. If they awoke then there’d be trouble at the top and there would be no room for all as everyone will want the good life.
There is no hope in here and those who make it out never look back, it’s a curse noone can stand. I sit here for hours with my writing pad, you don’t need more inspiration than seeing your people endlessly imprisoned and in heavy chains of poverty. A few hours later as the sun is going down, Alex turns ugly. In the morning alleys are littered with dead bodies that spend the whole day covered in foil. The elite police teams model on the scene as if it were an Awards Night. Our sisters resort to the oldest of professions ‘whoring’ it has become a norm that the end will justify the means. The moral gauge has no keeper, for all have sinned.
Under the influence of heavy drinks and substances that only God knows the youth see no light, they prefer to be asleep and never in control. They have endured so much suffering, generations of pain, this is therapeutic.
There are good things to see too. Well I just forgot about them!
Happy Saturday!