Chastice for th unmarried and monogamy for the married.

Napolean Hill the author of my favourite, “Think and grow rich” wrote extensively about sexual energy transmutation. It is by far the best thing I ever learnt in my adult life. Sexual energy that is wild and all over the place is disastrous to a man on a mission to ride high up! Split sexual interaction translates to split personalities thereby failure to master the art of transmutation.

Learning to control sexual energy not only tames your body, it opens your soul to inclined levels of self cleaniliness. The ability to channel the sexual desire from the conventional polygamous keeps your soul’s enemies at bay. Sexual intercourse ties souls together scientifically, spriritually there is a consensus.

A bad relationship can last for a very long time if there is sexual communion for the unmarried. It prolonges the inevitable then when it eventually happens, the ties are intense that you are so miserable apart. In essence that is why it was commisioned for the married. This is by far the greatest advice you will ever get without paying your hard earned Benjamins. You dont need a life coach. You need to abstain or commit for the right reasons then in the confinements of matrimony then consumate.

The oath of chastice will save you from a lot of misery, transform your sexual energy into creativity or the catalyst you need to catapult your strides towards your dreams as you pursue them. There is no force in the human body as powerful as the power and need to please woman sexually. Men kill, men work, men lie, men feud, men travel and do all sorts of things to be crowned with exclusivity to partake in the act of intercourse.

It is possible to live a life of absolute abstinence. A man who cannot control his sexuality will bever be great! Kings and Princes understand this well. A reckless man will never be half as great as they could have been. Why do you think soccer teams camp away from homes vefore their challenging games? Why get punished for sneaking out? Sexual energy is transmutted into winning energy!

Wisdom is wisdom whether we agree or not.

Ricky Cobb